Due Diligence

Get Assessments to target companies. We provide technical-, business- and law auditing with expertise.

Various Auditing

We do not only provide a superficial insight into the organizations. We go deep. Not only the first impression is decisive. We deliver the best experts to mitigate risks and maintain the stock value.


We assess you in law questions and take care all steps are legal. Our partners have many years of experience in legal matters and provide a comprehensive overview of all relevant legal issues that are important for the organisation.


Check if your investment is in good hands. We ensure that asset values are correct and realizable and deliver client focused research to achieve superior returns.

Technical Due- Diligence

Our technical experts give insights in technology, product, architecture and processes of the target company. We provide reports and recommendations.

Due Diligence with encircle360

Due Diligence is a challenging process of systematic review, discovery and analysis. Especially start- ups and early companies need to be investigated down to the last cent. Our highly- experienced team and partners of encircle360 work very precise and customer- orientated.