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The first IOTA Meetup in cologne – Summary of our talk and presentation

On the 20th december 2017, 120 people from beginners to IOTA enthusiasts, met for the first German IOTA Meetup. It took place in the starting place in Cologne and started around 19:00. In order to create a basis for the following Meetups, the basics of IOTA were first explained in a lecture by Darius Torabian and our CEO & CTO Patrick Hütter. The presentation started with a few short questions in which the speakers wanted to get to know the audience better. Surprisingly, for example, few responded to the question of whether they had already read the IOTA white paper.

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How to setup an IOTA full node using docker

We’re glad to announce that we are now providing officially IOTA public nodes from germany. Our nodes are in ALPHA stage and might restart or resync sometimes if we need to do maintenance. If that is the case just be patient or switch your wallet node temporary. Because our whole infrastructure is orchestrated via docker and orchestration tools like Rancher or Kubernetes it wasn’t easy to use the existing docker image from iotas IRI (full node, iota reference implementation) because of missing possibility to configure the container by docker environment variables. So we decided to fork IRI and contribute a new configuration system and docker image to the IOTA project. We hope that this will be merged into the official IRI repository soon. Andreas Osowski, core developer at the iota project already confirmed that he will check our pull request the next few days.


You can find more information regarding our public node here.

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