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SaaS Factory

encircle360 SaaS Factory

With the encircle360 SaaS Factory, companies can quickly bring new or existing on-premise applications, data or APIs to market as SaaS solutions at manageable costs.

We do this by using components that are essential to any SaaS application, so your team can focus on delivering value to the customer from day one.

By standardizing and focusing on modularization, we are able to bring SaaS solutions to market faster and at lower cost.

Components of the encircle360 SaaS Factory

  • Authentication and Authorization

    Easy and secure user registration, login and access control.

  • Rollout and operation

    Provisioning of the entire cloud infrastructure and migration of the application for scalable operation in the cloud.

  • Multi-client Capability

    Migration of the existing single-tenant products into a multi-tenant model.

  • Subscription Management

    End-to-end subscription management with recurring billing, invoicing, payments, accounting and financial transactions.

  • SaaS Integration

    Connect APIs, applications or data from different cloud and on-premise environments to automatically and smoothly exchange data with each other.

  • API Access

    Manage APIs and programmatic access to data and functions in a controlled and convenient way.

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